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It seems to us that if you ever have a dizziness attack, your FIRST thought should be that it may be Vertigo, a middle ear problem, for which the treatment is Stemetil, not your last.

So you should get your GP to prescribe some Stemetil for you, and get it from your Pharmacist so you have it on hand ready to take in the event of another attack, and if you have another attack, take it and see if it works. Simply taking a few pills might work.If it doesn’t, then it may be time to explore other options.

According to the reader we’ve quoted in this previous post the first thoughts of the GPs and hospital he contacted were that his attacks could be due to problems with his brain and heart, resulting in him undergoing almost endless tests and treatments, none of which seemed to help – when all the indications were/are that they were due to inner ear problems!!!???

We’ll keep you posted.

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