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From a base in Sydney, Australia, we’ve now spent 12 years of our lives working on finding the best doctors to use, for ourselves and others, and on avoiding the ones who are perhaps not the best.

Naturally enough, in approaching this task, we’ve been interested in finding out how effective, if at all, the organisations which one would have assumed would help us with this, particularly the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, are – we would have probably spent 12 to 18 months of the 12 years just on these organisations alone. And the short answer is that we’ve found them to be no help at all, in fact, found them to completely and utterly useless!!!

See this previous post in which we start off with this paragraph.

AND, perhaps worst of all, in those 12 years, we’ve found not the slightest indication that anything is getting any better – in fact, if anything, they’re probably getting worse, if that is possible?

It makes us SO SO angry, that Commissioner Sue Dawson, for instance, who’s probably on $500,000 a year, and who could be helping SO many people, is doing such a poor job.

And it makes us even more angry that Health Minister Brad Hazzard can’t find anyone better than Commisioner Dawson to fill her role.

And it makes us even more angry again that Premier Berejiklian can’t find anyone better than Health Minister Brad Hazzard to find anyone better than Commissioner Dawson to fill her role.

As far as we’re concerned, the $500,000 a year spent on Commissioner Dawson is money “down the drain” – or worse.

The significance of people like Commissioner Dawson is that they create the REWARD SYSTEM under which NSW doctors work, and if Urologists like Dr Andrew Brooks, about which we’ve written so much, one of the worst doctors on the planet, who obviously believes that he can almost get away with murder, literally, are making more money than the Urologist “good guys,” and we’d be shocked if that wasn’t the case, that would be the ultimate condemnation of the reward system they’ve created.

(After Chris Grant, GP, referred one of our readers to Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist, for help with a certain matter – who didn’t help him at all, but damaged him for life, it can’t be reversed – the reader commented to Grant, “I think Brooks is just trying to build up a nest egg for his retirement,” Grant, laughing as he said it, responded with, “I would think that Dr Brooks would have lots of nest eggs already!!! To the Chris Grants and the Andrew Brooks of this world, it’s all one big laugh!!!)

Readers, in case you haven’t realised it, it’s ALL UP TO US to do the research required to find the best doctors to use, and to avoid using those who may not be the best, perhaps with the help of blogs such as this.

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