The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission in action 1

A couple of days ago, we drafted a letter which we were thinking of emailing to Sue Dawson, the head of the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission – this is our draft.

But we’ve not sent it, because we suddenly thought, “Why bother?” Why spend more of our precious time on such a useless organization that just doesn’t improve?

We’ve spent almost 9 years working on things medical, and nothing has changed. As part of this we’ve probably spent more than a year of our lives working on organisations like the HCCC, which are supposed to regulate the medical profession, (Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!) having discussions with HCCC people, emailing politicians and others, etc etc etc and nothing has changed.

It’s quite bizarre! Quite farcical!

Even if things have improved since 2008, we don’t really know, it’s still being estimated that 350 Australians were being killed every week by medical error, and 1,000 of them were being permanently injured. And certainly nothing has improved with the HCCC – they are still only finding about 8..10 doctors a YEAR to have done not a very good job.

A couple of days ago we sent this letter by email to Greg Hunt, the Commonwealth Minister for Health:-

We now think we shouldn’t have wasted our time bothering to do this – nothing good will come of it.

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