The Joint Parliamentary Committee on the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission – dealing with 3

If you use this link, you are taken to a post which sets out a letter emailed to Gurmesh Singh, MP, the Chair of this Committee, one of the Government’s members, on 29 June, 2020, inviting him to comment on the NSW Heath Care Complaints Commission’s appalling record in dealing with complaints from the NSW people about NSW health care workers, particularly doctors.

(This email was copied to the other 6 members of the committee – none of whom have acknowledged it’s receipt either.)

This is getting WORSE AND WORSE AND WORSE!!!

A special committee of Parliamentarians is set up, and we quote, “to monitor and review the HCCC’s overall performance,” of which this bloke, Gurmesh Singh, is the Chair, (we read recently that people get an extra $10,000 a year for chairing such committees!) and when a letter is sent to him by email pointing out what seems to be undeniable evidence of the HCCC’s appalling “overall performance,” it hasn’t even been acknowledged, let alone responded to, 24 days later!!!???.

We’re always saying, finding out what people are like this days is kindergarten stuff – just send them an email. And what we’ve learnt about Mr Singh from doing this is that he’s the sort of bloke who, on occasions, at least, won’t have got around to even acknowledging receipt of an email of some significance related to his chairmanship, even after 24 days, and perhaps will never around to it???

Who, on earth, made the “people decision” that he was a suitable person to chair this committee?

We’ll let you know if a response is ever received???

To us, there’s something terribly wrong going on somewhere here. Everywhere you look, no one seems accountable to us the people.

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