The Joint Parliamentary Committee on the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission – dealing with 1

We’ve written so often about what we perceive  to be the inadequacies of Sue Dawson and her people at the NSW Health Care Complaint Commission – in particular how they’re geniuses at finding excuses for health care workers, doctors in particular, how on average, they only ever find about one doctor a month hasn’t done a very good job, when, on their own figures, they get over 200 complaints a month about doctors.

But, in the last day or so, we’ve discovered that that there’s a Joint Parliamentary Committee on the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, presumably with the task of  monitoring the HCCC’s performance! We were going to say that we were astounded to find this, but we’re no longer astounded, even surprised, about anything we find about anything associated with the HCCC.

Here’s a list of this Committee’s members.

All with ordinary email addresses we can access by using this link.

This letter has just, (on 21 Apr. 2020,) been emailed to it’s Chairman.

It’s intended to send this email to the other 6 members, as time allows.

Despite what we’ve just written we probably WILL be astounded if even one of the 7 responds with anything that makes the slightest sense, or gives us the slightest hope that anything will ever change. In particular we reckon that about a dozen emails have been sent to Walt Secord, over the years, when he was Labour’s Shadow Minister for Health, not one of which was even acknowledged, let alone responded to.

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