The Cosmos Clinic – Cosmetic Surgery

Are those at the Cosmos Clinic in danger of making fools of themselves?

If you go to the RateMDs website, guess who’s listed as the “# 1 Cosmetic Surgeon/ Plastic Surgeon in the New South Wales” – none other than the Cosmos Clinic’s “next big thing,” Dr Mitchell Kim!

And how has this come about? Because he’s got 14 10 out of 10 ratings in the last five and a half months, and 6 in the last 13 days!

But there’s a problem – his qualifications in cosmetic surgery seem unconvincing indeed. We invited him to elaborate on them 7 days ago, for the benefit of any of our readers who may have been considering consulting and/or using him, but are yet to hear from him in any way.

It seems to us there are only two choices – EITHER, we believe that 14 10 out 10 ratings in such a short time, has come about spontaneously, because 14 people, quite independently, are so happy with a comparatively junior and unknown doctor, unprecedented as this may be, OR,  perhaps we have to think that the people at the Cosmos Clinic are perhaps the most tricky and devious people you could ever come across.

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