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It’s conventional wisdom that high blood pressure is not good for your heart, and it seems that there is readily available medication that works for most people in keeping their blood pressure from being too high. But when is your blood pressure too high? A contribution from one of our readers that seems relevant.

To us, this makes perfect sense, and has changed our approach to taking blood pressure medication completely. But it raises some questions.

On this thinking, individual blood pressure readings don’t mean a thing – only your AVERAGE blood pressure readings. But in our experience you won’t be told this if you go to 50 GPs – they’ll almost invariably say, “Oh, and I’ll check your blood pressure,” which they do, and give you a reading, which, on this thinking means nothing!!!! This is particularly so when it’s also conventional wisdom that when a doctor takes your blood pressure the reading is always higher than normal because of the stress we almost always feel when we are seeing a doctor.

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