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The organisation behind this website is based in Toronto, Canada.

Although we have no interest in this organisation or control over it, the standard thing for elements in the Australian medical profession, presumably doctors who are getting poor ratings, is to claim that people like us do have some interest in it, and do have some control over it.

If you have any interest in it’s ratings, all you have to do is do a Google search on, say, “Dr Bill Smith ratemds,” and any ratings it has on Dr Bill Smith come up – it only takes a few seconds.

The whole issue of ratings and rating sites, and how much notice we should take of them, is controversial. But, if we’ve had a bad experience with a doctor, often the only thing we can do, with organisations like the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission and AHPRA being so useless, is to tell our story on one of these sites.

And, to us, it’s hardly controversial to say that, if we find a doctor who has seven ratings and four of them are as bad as you could possibly get, as we did recently, that perhaps we should be that little bit more cautious if we decide to deal with him or her.

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