Ramsay Health Care – dealing with 2

Soon after this article appeared on the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission’s website on 9 Mar 2016, a letter was sent by email to Ramsay Health Care including this:-

We never got a reply.

Readers considering going to a Ramsay hospital need to realise this, (which they may not have realised before,) that from things like Ramsay’s failure to respond in any way to this letter, it appears that their quality control is nil – they take no responsibility for what may happen to you.

For all their talk of “50 years of ‘amazing’ people caring for people,” from our experience, if  readers have found themselves cared for by someone who is less than amazing, there’s not a damn thing that can do about it.

In this previous post, we mention that we had sought to assist one of our readers who claimed to have been treated quite horribly by a doctor in one of their hospitals and it was the same – they were just about using their power and size to counter any complaint, to almost ridicule any complainants and their complaints.

Of course, readers can always do their own research – but when it comes to anaesthetists, they may not always know which doctor is going to be anaesthetising them.

And, of course, it’s all about competition – other hospitals may be just as bad. But it would seem that hospitals owned by large public companies are the worst. We’ve had a lot of experience with public companies, and it seems to us that with public companies, when it comes to looking after their patients OR looking after their shareholders, the shareholders always come first.

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