Question: What’s the best way to go about it if you may have Lyme disease?

We have come across a couple of articles on Lyme disease lately – this is one of them, describing how Sarah Knights, the daughter of a famous AFL footballer is going to Germany for the treatment of problems “believed to be related to Lyme disease.”

One of these articles suggested that there are “experts” in Australia who don’t even believe we have Lyme disease here.

So how will Sarah get on? – we’d love to be kept informed. And how did she and her family get to know about doctors in Germany who seem to be offering more hope than doctors here who have “warned her to prepare to spend her life in a wheel chair?”

There have been articles recently about how the Australian governments are supporting medical research here, but when is there going to be support for guides to doctors and other experts overseas who may already have more information and expertise than anyone in Australia?

In the meantime, we’ll create a Google Alert for “Sarah Knights” and let you know if anything comes through.

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