Question: Does taking a blood thinner virtually guarantee that you won’t suffer from a stroke?

We’d love to know the answer to this question ourselves.

One of our readers tells us that his heart specialist has given him the impression that it does and that he’s been taking the blood thinner Xarelto prescribed by the specialist since December 2012 accordingly.

It seems too easy – a tiny little pill every night?

If every one was on a blood thinner, would it save the  $1.72 billion mentioned in this Current Affair item?


Would the 38 year old Ms Pitronici mentioned in this post have suffered a stroke had she’d been on a blood thinner?

How do we find out? Does anyone know?

Perhaps the simple answer is to do what our reader has done – find a doctor who will prescribe you something like Xarelto, (it’s on the PBS scheme,) and just keep taking it, and hope for the best.

Note: See our post on blood thinners.

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