Prostate Cancer Institute

The Prostate Cancer Institute has a page on which it lists what it calls “Our dedicated team.” And the first team member listed is Dr William Lynch, and it would appear certain that it’s the same Dr William Lynch who was reprimanded back in 2009 for the way he treated of one of his patients – see this NSW Health Care Complaints Commission press release. Not only was there found to be quite severe inadequacies in the way he treated one of his patients, but it could be said that he comes over as not quite as upfront and honest as one would have hoped  in his appearances before the Professional Standards Committee – not very smart!

All of this happened a fair while ago, so how much should it now be of concern these days? That is for those who may be considering consulting and using Dr Lynch to answer – not us. But it is of concern to us that this organisation, grandly called an “Institute,” doesn’t, in this day and age, even have an email form, let alone an ordinary email address that can be used to take up concerns about any of this with either it or Dr Lynch. Faxes are unbelievably inferior to emails to take up concerns, and, of course, the Prostate Cancer Institute and Dr Lynch would know this.

Many of us have the ambition to live our lives never having to deal with people and organisations that don’t have an email address readily available. To us people and organisations who have an ordinary email address readily available are (1) more likely to be into communication and to meet us where we’re at and (2) more likely to stand behind what they do and say.

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