Premier Berejiklian – dealing with 6

In this post, you will see that, on 4 Aug. 2020, such a long letter was sent to Premier Berejiklian, raising what to us what is an incredibly important issue – but it could be questioned, “How could you expect her to respond to all the emails she would be getting – she would be SO busy?

One of the things we believe, (and we’re trying to get others to believe as well,) is that, more and more, the political parties that get elected to power will be the ones that provide the best responses to emails sent them, particularly emails sent to their leaders – so that, in a sense, how they do it, is their problem! But certain principles apply.

We’ve had SO much experience ourselves in employing people from which we’ve learnt certain things – we could almost write a book!

That there aren’t many good people out there – but that there are more good people than there are good jobs.

That the best people tend to be under rewarded, and those who are not the best tend to be over rewarded.

That there are potential employees out there who are a JOY! – people who we can find are doing a better job than we could ourselves.

We believe that Premiers, (and Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders and so on,) should spend 2 hours a day reading emails, and handing out the job of responding to them to people who are a JOY!

We’ll soon find out whether Premier Berejiklian is doing things like this at all?

More later.

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