Premier Berejiklian – dealing with 5

As we live our lives, the performance of our politicians is important, perhaps mainly for the influence they have in the “people decisions” that are made about who is to fill the various positions in government instrumentalities, perhaps increasingly so. Emails open up the possibility of making our politicians more accountable to us the people, and for us, the people, to vote for those who we feel are the most accountable to us the people.

Shown below is an email just sent to Premier Berejiklian, using her ordinary email address, We’ll soon know how accountable to us, the people, she feels!

In the past, similar emails to he have been passed off to others. In this email we’ve specifically asked her how she, herself, feels about the performance of the HCCC in responding to a specific complaint.

As we’ve mentioned many times, it now seems an established fact that the HCCC, under it’s existing CEO, Sue Dawson, at least 98% of the time, when we, the people, have taken the time and trouble to make a complaint about a health care worker, end up finding we’ve wasted our time, end up being told we have nothing to complain about – which is obviously outrageous. Readers, if this has happened to you, please, please, please, do what we’ve done  – email Ms Berejiklian asking how she, herself, feels about it. Remember, this happens to more than 600 people a month. Perhaps if Ms Berejiklian starts getting more than 600 emails a month, something MIGHT happen???


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