People who derive some income from answering our questions 2

Further to this previous post on this subject, we think that most of the answers we’re looking for are no longer than what would fit onto an A4 page, with links, perhaps lots of links.

We’ve been reminded recently of one of Albert Einstein’s sayings – “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it yourself.”

(One of the Einstein stories we find so funny is that he didn’t wear socks – because it’s said that he said that putting socks on and taking them off reduced his time for thinking.)

In fact, to us, that’s the biggest need – for people who can reduce subjects to what will it on an A4 page – tell us about Low Dose Naltrexone? what is the best Plugin for us to use to provide me with statistics on my blogs and websites? what are the symptoms that may indicate that I’m getting cancer? what are the best means of dealing with impotence? and so on and so, with the proviso that we can always come back with questions on anything that requires elucidation.

Answers that go on and on and on are usually quite easy to find.

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