NSW Government Hospitals

A 5 Apr 2015 article in the Daily Telegraph has this heading:-

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One would have thought that a more appropriate heading would have been, “Woman discharged from a Government Hospital when she was 45 minutes away from being dead,” which is exactly what is reported as happening with 66 year old Mrs Anna Superina.

Two main issues arise from this.

The Telegraph article includes this article:-

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One can hardly believe how stupid this statement seems to be – note the “always!” Especially as the article says that the paramedics involved told Mr Superina that the Fairfield Hospital would be the best one for her to be taken to, because it would be less busy – and the whole point of the article is that they were WRONG. One issue is the question of whether there was/is anyone the paramedics involved could have rung in the 55 minutes from 5.15am on a Sunday morning that they had Mrs Superina in their ambulance, in case they wanted to double check whether the advice they had given Mr Superina was right. After all, the Fairfield and Liverpool hospitals are less than 8 kms away from each other.

The second main issue is whether there was/is anyone the staff at Fairfield hospital could have rung in the two and a quarter hours they had Mrs Superina in their hospital before they sent her on her way, 45 minutes from being dead. You would think that if she was 45 minutes from being dead, she would have had enough symptoms for someone there to think, “Hey, we need help here.”

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