Ms Jodi McKay – NSW Leader of the Opposition – dealing with

Just, on 20 July, 2020, a copy of the letter sent to Premier Berejiklian shown in this post, was sent to Ms McKay, at her Strathfield electorate address –, with a copy to Ryan Park, her Shadow Minster for Health, at his electorate address –, for their comments.

As readers may have gathered, we are obsessed with concerns about Ms Sue Dawson, that apparently she is still being considered by the present Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, and perhaps by Premier Berejiklian herself, as the best person to fill the incredibly important role of Commissioner at the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, (after they’ve both been in their jobs for three and a half years,) – we live for the day when NSW health care workers, NSW doctors in particular, can’t get away with some of the things some of them are getting away with at present, because they know that under Commissioner Dawson they can, when 98% of the 550 complaints a month she and her people get from the NSW people, end up being told they have nothing to complain about, which, to us, is incredibly unlikely, and is an insult to us, you and me, the people of NSW.

Admittedly, it’s early days, but we’re yet to get any indications from Leader McKay that she shares any of these concerns.

As for Ryan Park, when Walt Secord was the Shadow Minster for Health, we sent him about 8 emails raising various issues, and he never even acknowledged one of them, let alone provided any responses – and it’s beginning to look as though it may be the same with Ryan Park.

Sometimes you wonder if these blokes even come to work?

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