Mr Mike Baird, NSW Premier 1

It’s obvious that a great deal of thought and effort has been put into trying to make Mike Baird and his government as secretive as the KGB, to try and ensure that neither he nor anyone in his government is ever, under any circumstances, held ACCOUNTABLE for anything they do or say!

Amongst other things, he tries to make out that if you haven’t provided your street address and phone number that that’s a perfectly good excuse for him not to respond to you in relation to major major issues that have got nothing to do with your street address and phone number. How stupid does he think we are? This is an automated response you get if you use his electorate office’s email address – au – to send him anything.

Of course, what this is all about is trying to direct us to his email form. The problem with this is it’s obvious with this form that some very clever people have been engaged to make it as difficult as possible for you and I to use – about 100 times less satisfactory than an ordinary email address. So much so that we refuse to use it – as far as we’re concerned, if we’ve emailed a letter to him at his electorate office, he’s got it – and if he hasn’t, that’s his problem.

His form is typically headed with:-

1307 copy


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