Modafinil – your questions and ours

A quote on Modafinil:-

Wikipedia’s article on Modafinil –

So how do we get answers to our questions on Modafinil and smart drugs generally?

One of our readers says that, as someone in his early 80s he couldn’t live without Modafinil, he’s been using it for years and it gives him hours and hours in which he feels as if he’s functioning as well as ever, hours and hours which he wouldn’t otherwise have. But he too still has questions.

He says that a GP he consulted once said he’d always thought that Modafinil was just for people who did things like falling asleep at their desks!!!??? Obviously he wasn’t a person to ask his questions. And when he asked a Cardiologist once how taking Modafinil might affect his heart, the Cardiologist replied, off handedly, that he’d never heard of it!!!???

We’ve just done a GMX search on “Modafinil,” and 11 pages of results have come up. We haven’t got the slightest doubt that somewhere on these pages, or elsewhere on the world wide web, is all the answers to all the questions we could ever ask. But we just haven’t got the time to do the searches necessary to find them. Is there anyone anywhere in the whole wide world who has an ordinary email address we can use to get their help in finding these answers?

We haven’t got the slightest doubt that somewhere in the wide world wide there are such people – or soon will be.

We’ll keep looking.

(Ironically it may be that doctors are the ones that need these people the most – we and you may have more time for researching than they do!)

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