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Part of an email we got today from one of our readers:-

(According to this Wikipedia article, the FDA is the US agency – with over 14,000 employees in 2010, the latest figures available – which decides which food and drug products are approved and which are knocked back.)

We read once that some tablets/pills that cost $1,200 in the US can be bought for $5 in India – admittedly a pretty extreme example.

It reminds us of an email we got a few years ago from a Professor of Economics in the US – “I’m 73 and should be retired. But, in the US, any nest egg you have can be gone in a flash if you have any health problems, and so I keep working. It’s a strange culture we live in.”

A VERY strange culture!!! if you have to pay $1,200 for tablets/pills that can be bought for $5 in India!

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