On 4 Nov 2013, a letter was sent by email to a Sydney dentist, dentist AAA, saying:-

We didn’t get even an acknowledgement of our email, let alone a reply.

Then, today, 10 Oct 2017, we happened to view his website again, and, lo and behold, he now has “25 years of experience” – an increase in 5 years in less than 4 years.

AHPRA’s Registers of Practitioners, shows 9 Dec 2003 as the date of his first registration as a dentist – less than 14 years ago.

As they say, “Never spoil as story for want of a few good facts.”

We can’t give you dentist AAA’s name, as thugs in the health care industry, of whom there are a few, have made threats against us that if we ever make claims that any particular practitioner may be other than perfect in every way, treatment for us and our families may be withheld – threats that have “scared the wits” out of some of our family members.

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