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Peter Drucker, the famous management writer/consultant had a saying – “The control of your business is your people decisions.”

Another way of putting it is – “If you want to make your business better, put more time and effort into finding the very best people to fill the various positions in it.”

And, to us, what is even more significant is –  “If you want to make your LIFE better, put more time and effort into finding the very best people and things to be in it.” This applies to the solicitors you use, the accountants you use, the baby sitters you use, etc. etc. etc. even the cleaners and gardeners you use, your friends and so on and so on. But nothing more than with the doctors and hospitals you use.

And, in relation to these, we believe there’s an incredibly significant correlation between those who provide the best answers to our emails and those who are the best doctors and hospitals to use. Whenever we’ve had any problems with doctors, they ALWAYS seem to be the ones who don’t respond to emails, or don’t respond adequately, and the ones we’ve found to be good, do – which doesn’t apply to GPs, about which more later.

With doctors we believe that when we have a particular medical problem we should choose the specialists most likely to help us, and send them an email along these lines to at least 20 of them.

To compile a list of the specialists most likely to help us, we suggest you use RateMDs.com – they have a list of about 60 specialisations and make it easy to put together lists of specialists in each specialisation wherever you live in the whole wide world. (We don’t take too much notice of their ratings, or of ratings in general – it’s too easy for the crooks to provide false ratings!) With a list put together in this way, you then use Google to find the ones with ordinary email addresses readily available, which you can use to send them the email suggested above. In our experience, if you do this, it’s not hard to decide, from the responses you receive or don’t receive, which one, or perhaps two, to have at least an initial face-to-face consultation with.

Of course, doing this may involve you in three to five hours of hard work, but that’s a small price to pay for substantially increasing your chances of seeing those who are the very best and avoiding those who may not be the very best.

And, of course the time required would be reduced substantially if lists were already available of various specialists with their ordinary email addresses – perhaps some of our readers know of such lists and could share their details.

Email us at info@questionsmisc.info.

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