Interfacing with the Medical Profession 9

From one of our readers.

To us there’s nothing exceptional about this story – that’s how it is, readers.

Dr AAA doesn’t care!

Westmead Government Hospital doesn’t care!

NSW Health doesn’t care!

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission doesn’t care!

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency doesn’t care!

The NSW Government doesn’t care!

The Government Members of Parliament don’t care!

The Opposition Members of Parliament don’t care!

Perhaps some of our readers believe otherwise. We’d be so happy to hear from them.

How easy would it be for the NSW Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard, for instance, to provide some indication that he might care by sending an email to the Westmead Government hospital asking them to comment on the above story – it would take about 5 minutes. He mightn’t have to do any more than this. As management people say, it’s often enough if underlings know that that their superiors know – i.e. if the people at Westmead Hospital, Dr AAA in particular, know that the Minister for Health knows.

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