Interfacing with the Medical Profession 7

We need to realise that, broadly speaking, there are two types of doctors.

Those who rely on getting a fair number of patients, by GP referrals and from emails from potential patients and so on, who they are not really able to help because they’re not getting enough with problems within their “areas of specialisation,” if any – not getting enough of those who they can really help coming to them.

And those who are happy enough to only see those who need help in areas that are clearly within their “areas of specialisation,” who they can really help. If you email the doctors in this second category, the doctor himself or herself, or someone clearly speaking on their behalf, takes the few seconds necessary to clarify the situation, to provide a “Yes” or “No” answer. They are just as interested as you are in trying to make sure that they only see patients they can really help.

As an amazing example of the first type, we have become aware of a situation in which an email was sent to a Dr AAAA asking if helping those with hearing problems was within his “areas of specialisation,” and this was the reply that came back from a “Sarah,” (no indication as to who she might be,) after 17 days!!! – and we quote, “Dr AAAA is an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist so he would be able to have a look at you in regards to your ear issues. If you would like to phone us we can organise a booking for a consultation with Dr AAAA. Dr AAAA would be happy to see you in regard to assessing your ears.”

Quite bizarre!

The Sarahs of this world have no real knowledge because no one has provided them with it. All they’re about is trying to get appointments.

You can’t blame the Sarahs and those they work for – they clearly need the business. But they only remain in business because their approach works with enough people. It’s an understatement to say that readers should try to not be people taken in by such approaches.

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