Interfacing with the Medical Profession 2

One thing that’s absolutely certain and that’s that there are many doctors who, if you have problems with them, firstly, won’t respond to any emails from you about these problems, or, in fact, about anything and, secondly, won’t even provide you with copies of the health records and information to which, by law, you are entitled – see the Health Records & Information Privacy Act 2002. Our view is that such doctors should be avoided like the plague.

But, if you’ve got to the stage where you’ve had problems with a doctor, it’s going to be too late for you to find out that they are one of these anyway.

We need to send emails to doctors asking them at least one or two questions BEFORE we consult and/or use them.

What we’re looking for, of course, is doctors who, firstly, will give us some sort of answer to our questions, however preliminary, and who, secondly, will make us feel that they may be worth consulting and/or using.

One of the things we do is send emails like the ones we recommend out for our readers. As part of this, we’re developing lists of the best doctors to send them to. The only time and effort that’s involved for you is in sending us an email. We send on any emails we get back to you, for you to act on or not as you choose. With those who send responses, you can continue to work through us or directly with them. And it costs you nothing.

We believe in experts – that for all the talk about “Dr Google” and how we can research things on the net, the best solutions to our health problems are likely to come from consulting and/or using an expert.  But which experts?

We have found that in practice it’s remarkably likely that the doctors who send us the best replies are the best ones to consult and/or use.

Who knows – we may find a  doctor who’s the very best one for you.

A word of warning! The sort of doctors we’re looking for are few and far between. But then how many doctors do we need?

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