“I have a dream” 1

Like Martin Luther King, in 1963 – we “have a dream.” (You can see and hear his famous speech on YouTube simply by using this link – what an amazing world we live in!)

And that is that when you and I have a problem with which we need assistance, (and there are obviously hundreds of examples that could be given,) that we can readily locate the very best people or person to turn to. What an amazingly better world it would be if this was so.

Such people may or may not have formal qualifications. A fascinating example of such a person was written up in a Dec 2014 article, (which we can’t locate just at present, but hope to find again later,) who actually worked as a jewellery designer in her day job, but in her spare time she was someone that children who had been physically abused, (and their parents,) could turn to, about whom it was claimed that, as a direct result of her work, working with the Police, 16 people had been sent to gaol.

What fascinates us is that nobody seems to be working on this problem – least of all, governments. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be spent on Royal Commissions into abuse by members of the Roman Catholic church, many really old examples, but, at the end of that day, who does a child who has been abused by a member of the Roman Catholic church today, Sunday, 26 Apr 2015, (and/or his or her parents,) turn to?

Is there a list anywhere? Does anyone know?

Perhaps we could email Mr Abbott or Mr Baird? Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

As we said, obviously there are hundreds of examples of this sort of thing – about which, more later.

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