Hopeless “people decisions” being made within the Berejiklian Government 4

To us, the fact that Sue Dawson is the CEO of the  NSW Health Care Complaints Commission is an absolute scandal affecting the lives of many of the people in NSW quite badly – the fact that she was ever appointed to this position being a quite hopeless “people decision.” NSW health care workers, particularly doctors, know that, almost literally, they can get away with ANYTHING – and a lot of them are getting away with ANYTHING. To us, if Dawson is reappointed in Dec. 2020, at the end of her 5 year term, it will be nothing short of a disaster for the people of NSW!

(We’ve just checked the HCCC’s Media Releases, and, from it, so far, in the first 28 days of July, with only one NSW health care worker, not a doctor, has it been found that a complaint was justified – this, when according to it’s own figures, the HCCC gets more than  500 complaints in any 28 days. And, over the years, when we’ve checked these Media Releases, we’ve found this sort of thing not unusual. Readers, don’t you find this almost laughable? as we do!)

Of course, Sue Dawson was appointed to this position in Dec. 2015, when Mike Baird was the Premier, but she has continued to hold this position in the three and a half years since Gladys Berejiklian became the NSW Premier, taking Mike Baird’s place – when, in our opinion Dawson should have been replaced with someone better years ago.

And when we recently sent emails to Premier Berejiklian herself, and our local State Member of Parliament, complaining about the fact that Ms Dawson was continuing to hold her position, all they both said was that they’d passed our emails on to the Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard!

We could write a book about how hopeless we’ve found Minister Hazzard to be, over the years – including one occasion when, in response to one of the similar issues we’d raised, we got a letter from one of his people, which we always say was the worst letter we’ve ever got from anyone in our whole lives. Yet it appears that, under the Berejiklian Government, the “people decision” has been made that Minister Hazzard is the person to make the “people decision” as to whether Sue Dawson continues to hold her position???

We can’t think of anyone worse! But, perhaps, one day, we’ll get a response from him that causes us to change our minds, that makes the slightest sense. We’ll let you know, if we ever do.

(One of the things we find particularly annoying, is when people respond to emails without even indicating the date of the email they’re responding to – and we find that this is something Berejiklian Government people always do! Solicitors are taught that doing this shows a complete lack of professional courtesy. To us, one thing is certain, and that is that if Minister Hazzard ever responds to the emails that have been passed on to him, say, in 3 months time, that we’ll left scratching around trying to work out what emails he’s responding to.)

And, on top of this – how about this, readers? There’s a Parliamentary Committee called the “Joint Parliamentary Committee on the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission,” a committee of seven Parliamentarians, that’s been especially set up, about which it’s said that “The role of the Committee, as set out in the Health Care Complaints Act 1993, is to monitor and review the HCCC’s over all performance,” of which the Chair is Gurmesh Singh, MP, (about whom it’s alleged that he gets an extra $10,000 a year  in his salary for acting as the Chair,) who not only doesn’t respond to emails sent to him complaining about the HCCC’s over all performance, (we sent him one on 29 June, to which he hasn’t responded,) but it appears clear that, on his orders, he never even gets them – presumably because he thinks it might spoil his whole day if he got such emails?

Which raises the question, who on earth made the “people decision” that Mr Singh would be a good person to be the Chair of this committee, and who is making the “people decision” that he should continue being the Chair of this committee? And who made the people decision that the person making these decisions would be a good person to continue doing so?

To us, the decision to have Sue Dawson continuing as the CEO of the Health Care Complaints Commission is a hopeless “people decision,” the decision to have Minister Hazzard as the person to make this decision, is a hopeless “people decision,” and the decision to make Gurmesh Singh the Chair of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the NSW HCCC, and perhaps continue holding this position is a hopeless “people decision” – SO many hopeless people decisions!!!

And it’s hard to believe that Premier Berejiklian hasn’t played a significant part in some, perhaps all, of these decisions.

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