Getting the best information/opinions on medical matters 02

In this post we showed how if you did a Google search on a subject like, say, “dizziness,” you were taken to all sorts of organisations claiming to provide information/opinions on dizziness, and we discussed the significance of these organisations.

The thinking behind this was that doing this might lead to us find organisations we could trust when we needed information/opinions on medical matters.

We’ve since come to realise that it’s best to forget about the idea of finding any favourites, at least to begin with, and just do a search on the medical matters we need information/opinions on as we need them.

Over time we may develop our favourites and decide that certain others of these organisations are not worth bothering with, but perhaps never to the extent that it’s best not to just do searches without any preconceived ideas about these matters.

In relation to these searches we’ve found using GMX much better that Google, and use it all the time. We’d strongly recommend to our readers that they give searching with GMX a try.

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