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There are more and more organisations that claim on websites to provide the best information/opinions on medical matters, but, we are yet to find one that’s user friendly. User friendly to us means that they have an ordinary email address you can use to access the best information/opinions they have, rather than having to trawl through and study their websites or the emails they send you on a daily basis, and work these things out for yourself.

We could give you lots of examples.

Here’s one – Dr Mercola.

It’s obvious that the business plan that works best for Dr Mercola is a website with sensationalist headlines that have helped him gather over a million subscribers to his daily newsletter through which he advertises all sorts of things, his own and others, and if you try to email him for help in locating any specific information/opinions, you find it hopeless to an almost comical extent.

Other examples are WebMD,

WebMD claims to be “the leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information” but it seems equally bad in proving help in locating this news and information. More on WebMD later.

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