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If we’ve decided we need to see a medical specialist, how do we decide which one or two might be best to see?

The practice we’ve adopted, which is quite simple, is this – we find those in our area with ordinary email addresses and send them an email along the lines of, “I’ve got the following problems, (which you outline in detail.) Is helping people with these problems within your areas of expertise?”

When we do this, we’ve found that it’s virtually self evident from the replies we get, or don’t get, which one or two might be best to see.

We’ve found this to be remarkably useful, in fact we think it’s madness not to do it – although we did experience one instance where a particular specialist provided us with good replies, and when we consulted him we found him to be less than helpful.

Of course, the time consuming part of this is getting together the names of specialists with ordinary email addresses. This is something we’ve been working on for a number of years. This is an example of one of our lists – a list of 14 Sydney Cardiologists  – but note, we haven’t worked on this one for 18 months. When you have such lists we’ve found that we can send out 20 or more of the same emails in less than half an hour.

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