Emails – changing the world 2

To us, one of the most interesting and incredibly useful uses of emails is in finding what people are like.

Many years ago we were given the advice that, if you want to know what someone is like, get them to write something down – and, of course, since then, emails have come along which are the perfect way to find out what people are like. As we’re always saying, “By their emails ye shall know them.”

Top management in organisations can use emails to help find out what their employees are like, and how people are getting on in dealing with their organisations, – that’s, of course, if they’re interested.

As people in various top management positions in the past we would have loved it if emails  had existed then.

In this post we set out the response we’d got from the Berejiklian Government’s Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard, to concerns we’d expressed about the performance of the HCCC under Ms Sue Dawson, in emails sent to both Premier Berejiklian and a local MP, who’d both passed them onto Mr Hazzard. To us, it’s a 1 out of 10 response, at best – for reasons we’ve set out in considerable detail in this post, we’d be interested to know how it comes over to any of our readers. SO many questions.

We were going to say that amongst the questions it raised were, (1) did Minster Hazzard agree that the response we’d got wasn’t very good, or was he happy with it, that it was up to his standards? and, (2) if he wasn’t happy with it, was it because the person or people who had put it together weren’t up to the task? and, (2) if this was the cause, was it because the person who had made the “people decision” that they were up to the task, not up to the task? and, (3) and if it was Minister Hazzard, was/is he up to the task? and, (4) if  it was decided that he was up to the task, when he may not have been, was Premier Berejiklian, who presumably would have had a big say in the “people decision” to make Mr Hazzard her government’s Minister for Health in the first place, not up to the task?

But then, almost by accident, we learnt that Minister Hazzard has as his assistant a Ms Elizabeth Koff, on $599,000 a year, no less, who, as we set out in this post, once, herself, sent us a letter which we’ve always said was the most useless worst letter we’ve ever ever received, and perhaps she was the one who was most at fault.

If we ever get anything from anyone providing help or explanations on any of these issues, we’ll let you know – not that we’re expecting anything.

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