Dr Prue Kirby GP Newtown

Earlier today, (5 May 2015,) we sent this in a letter by email to Dr Kirby using the ordinary email address on the website of the Church Street Medical Practice where she practices.

1331 copy

This automated response came back straight away.

1332 copy

How should we rate our chances of readily getting copies of our health records and information if ever we consult and/or use, Dr Kirby, or, in fact, any of the doctors in her practice? – not too highly we would have thought.

Of course, we may, at a later date get another email that will change everything. We’ll let you know if this happens as soon as we can.

We continue to be completely mystified by things like this – we can follow the doctors at Dr Kirby’s practice on Twitter, but emails sent to them are viewed HIGHLY INFREQUENTLY! Is this what people really want? Or have the management people there been “conned” by marketing people?

As we keep saying, it’s in our hands – we can give preference to those  who answer our emails. But, perhaps that’s not what’s happening.

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