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This has just been emailed, (on 13 Apr 2015,) to Dr Kim:-

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We would have thought it reasonable for those considering consulting and/or using Dr Kim to seek to get a good response from him to this, wouldn’t you?

We’ll pass on to you anything he sends back, if he sends anything back.

Incidentally, ten 10 out of 10 ratings on Dr Kim have appeared on the RateMDs.com website in the last five and half months praising him to the skies – surely a world record for so many ratings of such high quality in such a short time with this website! Incidentally, or perhaps not incidentally, this has been enough to have him the top rated doctor out of over 60 in it’s NSW “Cosmetic Surgeon/Plastic Surgeon” category.


Dr Kim appears to be one of the Cosmos Clinic‘s new whizz kids, being promoted as such – perhaps to take the place of the likes of Dr Farah Meher-Homji, who was similarly promoted for a number of years, but who then suddenly changed her name to “Azar” and reverted to being a GP, in circumstances we have never been able to get anyone at the Cosmos clinic to be honest and upfront about, least of all it’s supremo Dr Joseph Ajaka.

A 14 Apr 2015 update: Another 10 out of 10 rating on the RateMDs.com website yesterday, raving about Dr Kim, making 11 in total in five and a half months – 3 in the last 7 days! Wow! SO impressive!

We jest, of course.

A 17 Apr 2015 update: Three more 10 out of 10 ratings on the RateMDs.com website in the last 2 days on Dr Kim – 6 in 10 days! Wow! SO impressive!

An alternative view, of course, is that the people at the Cosmos Clinic are making complete fools of themselves – especially with a doctor who won’t provide any details on the training he claims to have received in “all facets of cosmetic surgery.”

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