Dr Kerrie Meades Ophthalmologist at Parramatta and various locations – dealing with 4

A contribution put together with one of our readers.

As at today, Mon. 30 Mar. 2020, attempts were made to send the above to Dr Meades for “her information and comment.” One email address that was used was, kerriem@personaleyes.com.au, an address we’ve had from way back – remember, we’ve been dealing with her, or attempting to deal with her, for more than 10 years.

And another was vision@personaleyes.com.au. There was/is no ordinary email address on  the Parramatta section of Personal Eyes’ website, just an email form, which wouldn’t allow us to send the above, anyway – but this ordinary email address was found on the Morriset section. Talk about tricky and devious!!!

But, although the indications are that both of these email addresses are legitimate, 0ur email using them was blocked.

One of our favourite sayings is that, “People who need help are hard to help, people who need a lot of help are impossible to help, and people who need no help at all are easy to help,” and our very strong opinion is that those who decide to use Dr Meades without viewing an adequate response from her to the above are definitely impossible to help!!!

One thing of interest – both Dr Fitzsimons’ rooms and Dr Meades’ rooms were rung today, on Mon. 30 Mar. 2020, enquiring as to the earliest date on which an appointment could be made to see them – with Dr Fitzsimons it was in 25 days time, and with Dr Meades it was in 11 days time. Perhaps the message is getting through!

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