Dr Darryl Hodgkinson Breast Augmentation Surgeon Double Bay

Further to our previous post.

A 7 Apr 2015 update: It’s starting to be very obvious that the Darryl Hodgkinsons of this world haven’t yet realised that the moment they have an email address, the whole world learns a lot about them from the responses they give to reasonable emails sent to them, or if they ignore these emails.

As an example, if, as Dr Hodgkinson does, you claim to be “amongst an elite group of a very few surgeons to hold two degrees in plastic surgery from” organisations, which he then names, and, on the face of it, these two organisations don’t even exist, and you don’t respond to emails about this, like the one we sent him 8 days ago, people have already learnt a great deal about him, including, obviously, those who may have been considering consulting and using him.

We think we all want to only deal with people who are upfront and honest, especially doctors, wouldn’t you agree? And that from this, Dr Hodkinson hardly qualifies, wouldn’t you agree?

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