Dr Andrew Brooks Urologist Westmead 4

Quite apart from anything else.

(1) If you send Dr Brooks over 20 emails and he doesn’t even acknowledge one of them, let, reply to them,

(2) and, in particular, if you send him 8 emails asking how you would go about getting copies of his/your health records and information to which you are entitled by law, and he doesn’t acknowledge any of these either,

(3) and if, with an extremely important test, he gets his nurse to do it, without the assistance of a doctor in any way, when other urologists get fully qualified urologists to carry out the test, (at $70 less than Dr Brooks charges you,) perhaps so you can’t get a copy of the results his nurse has come up with as you would readily be able to if the fully qualified urologist had done the test,

perhaps you’ve got only yourself to blame if really horrible things happen to you in dealing with Dr Brooks, as one of our readers claims happened to him.

Here’s his email address – admin@westernurology.net.au. Perhaps you could try sending him emails yourself.

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