Double Vision – treatment for 1

Readers experiencing double vision need to realise that there are two types of Ophthalmologists. (Eye Specialist doctors.)

There are those who are just after your money. They tell you that it’s essential that you know the cause of your double vision, trying to scare you out of your wits by telling you that it’s cause could be “very serious,” purely so that you will spend more and more time in their rooms incurring more and more expenditure, while they investigate and investigate. One of our readers was referred to one of these people, (a well known Ophthalmologist, Dr AAA,) and ended up spending 3 or 4 hours in her rooms seeing different people and being subject to different tests and learnt nothing. When he sent Dr AAA an email complaining, this is what he got back.

If Dr AAA had had her way, he’d still be in her rooms being investigated, years later.

Fortunately, our reader, quite by accident, (no help from the Optometry profession,) came to consult one of the other type, a Dr BBB, who solved all his problems in less than 5 minutes.

Firstly, Dr BBB said that the practical problems of his double vision could be solved by having prisms in his glasses – and they were. For years our reader’s double vision had been forcing him to keep one eye closed when he was driving a car, causing him to be a danger to himself and others on the road, to the point where he was seriously thinking that he might have to give up driving a car, which would have been a disaster. But with prisms in his glasses, it was like a miracle had happened – it was like he was 30 again.

Secondly, Dr BBB said that if he was concerned that his double vision might be caused by anything serious, he could have an MRI of his brain – which he did, and it was clear.

Dr AAA’s strategy was to not mention prisms in glasses nor MRIs of the brain – and this strategy was blown completely to pieces in five minutes by Dr BBB’s advice.

There is an aspect of all this that still has us completely puzzled. Why do Optometrists refer patients to people as completely and utterly useless as the Dr AAAs of this world, never mentioning prisms or MRI’s of the brain themselves – we know of at least two that do. Does Dr AAA offer kick backs? Is she their friend? Do they fancy her? Why?

Obviously, the Dr AAAs of this world, and their Optometrist mates are to be avoided like the plague.

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