Doctors’ responses

This letter was sent by email to a certain neurologist, Professor XXX

This was the reply that came back??????

So much of our time, energy and money can be wasted seeing doctors, when helping those with the problem or problems we have are not within their areas of expertise, that it makes sense to ask their opinion first – which was the purpose of the letter that was emailed in this case. And if they don’t know, it’s hardly likely that a GP will know.

For it to appear that the letter that was sent never even got to the doctor for him to offer an opinion, and for it to be suggested that, as an alternative, a GP might be located who, nevertheless, might determine that it WAS within his areas of expertise, was not the outcome that was being looked for.

And the fact the doctor would appear to be not the monitoring that emails that were being sent out on his behalf, to locate any that could be improved upon, would appear to a matter of further concern.

To us, it would seem in doctors’ interests, (as well, of course, in patients’ interests,) to only have patients coming to them with problems in their areas of expertise, and that it’s only lesser doctors who don’t mind patients coming to them with problems outside their areas of expertise, because they’re not getting enough coming to them with problems within their areas of expertise.

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