Choosing a Sydney Urologist with expertise in brachytherapy 1

To us, this information on Professor Phillip Stricker’s website should be essential reading for anyone with prostate cancer.

Professor Stricker lists 4 possible treatments – (1) open surgery, (2) robotic surgery, (3) focal therapy, and, (4) brachytherapy.

It would seem like madness for those with prostate cancer to consult Urologists who don’t have expertise in all of these treatments – they may end up being talked into something like robotic surgery when this was not the most appropriate treatment for them, when something like brachytherapy provided less invasive treatment and quicker recovery.

A factor in this with some surgeons may be that open surgery and robotic surgery may yield larger fees more quickly for them than, say, brachytherapy, without them having to learn any new stuff – although we don’t really know about this.

We’re hoping to start working soon on putting together a list of urologists whose areas of expertise include brachytherapy – and when we do this, Professor Stricker’s name would the first one on that list.

In the meantime readers who may have prostate cancer may wish to go to our list of general Urologists, and use the email addresses on it to do some searching themselves.

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