Choosing a Sydney ENT Specialist

These days, when looking for the best specialist for us to at least have an initial consultation with, we ourselves send out emails to a number of those who we think may be able to help us in which we outline the problems we are experiencing and asking whether they could provide us with a yes or no answer as to whether helping people with these problems are within their areas of expertise.

Of course it’s important to us to get a yes or no answer – we think it’s madness to consider consulting a specialist if we haven’t got a yes answer to our question from them, in writing. But we also think that getting good answers to our emails from specialists indicate three things that are also VERY important:-

  1. That they are into communicating and are capable in doing it – many doctors aren’t good at communicating when you’re sitting right in front of them.
  2. That they or someone in their employ has the job of providing reasonable responses to reasonable emails, EXTREMELY important if you are to go on and become one of their patients.
  3. That they are prepared to stand behind what they do or say – it’s much harder to not stand behind things that have been put in writing.

We’ve found that if we send out 20 such emails, we’ll get 1 reply, if not 2 or 3, (and, of course, that’s all we need,) in which the specialist comes over as perhaps well worth having an initial consultation with, and that almost invariably this is how it turns out.

To help ourselves and our readers to do this we’ve started putting together lists of specialists with their email address, our latest one being for ENT specialists, which you can view by using this link. You can go to it and use it to send out your emails.

We find that, when you’ve got the email addresses, it only takes about half an hour to send out 20 emails . And, of course, it only takes the specialist a few seconds to provide a yes or a no.

The Bible says, “By their deeds ye shall know them.” And we’ve also found, “By their emails ye shall know them.”

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