“By their emails ye shall know them” 5

If you send an email to a doctor asking if help with a certain medical problem is within their areas of expertise, and you get a reply from a receptionist and all it says is, “Could you please contact our office on XXXX YYYY so we can arrange an appointment for you with Dr AAA,” you know two things straight away.

Firstly, that if you ever have to deal with that receptionist, he or she is not going to be very helpful, to say the least.

(In one case like that, just to make sure, this reply was sent back – “Is that a “Yes” to my question?” with it’s author knowing full well that he’d never get a reply back to this., as he would be regarded as being impertinent.)

Secondly, that not only was the doctor not into answering emails, (which may be fair enough,) but that he has no interest whatever in how emails sent to him are being responded to.

To us, such doctors are to be avoided like the plague.

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