Breast Augmentation Surgeons – Dr Joseph Ajaka

As at 13 Feb. 2013, this was appearing on Dr Ajaka’s Cosmos Clinic’s website – a major section extolling the virtues and skills of Dr Farah Meher-Homji, about whom it was claimed, amongst other things, that she had “worked alongside Dr Ajaka for several years.” But, during the next six months, Dr Meher-Homji was to move out of the Cosmos Clinic to practice as a GP, not too far away, and went on to change her name to Dr Farah Azar?????

On 6 Aug. 2013, a letter was emailed to Dr Ajaka asking if he had an explanation for this, other than the obvious one, a copy of which was posted on the internet.

What was Dr Ajaka’s response?

Not to acknowledge or respond to the email in any way, but to get a heavyweight legal firm to write to Google asking them to remove the email!!!!

The problem was that Google asked the heavyweight legal firm to explain “in as much detail as possible what statements you believe to be false and/or defamatory” and to “identify the reason you belive the text or content violate your rights or is illegal under applicable law” before they would remove anything. And the heavyweight legal firm didn’t know how to respond to Google’s requests, so nothing was removed

In choosing a surgeon to work on your body, would it be wise to choose someone who, it would seem, would sooner engage a heavyweight legal firm to try and get anything you might put up about him on the internet removed, than be upfront and honest in response to your emails? Who, it would appear, NEVER responds to emails – let alone responds to them in an honest and upfront way?

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