Brad Hazzard, MP – NSW’s Minister for Health since January 2017 – dealing with 2

After we’d sent emails expressing concerns about the performance of the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission’s performance, under it’s Commissioner Sue Dawson, to Premier Berejiklian and Geoff Lee, MP, one of the Berejiklian Government’s local Members of Parliament, they both indicated they’d passed our emails on to Brad Hazzard, MP, the Berejiklian Government’s Minister for Health – it seems it’s up to Minister Hazzard to make the “people decision” as to whether Ms Dawson continues to occupy her role or some one better is found.

This lead to us receiving this letter from Minister Hazzard on 28 July, 2020, by email.

To us, this is an amateurish response, not addressing the real issues at all. We responded with this on 29 July, 2020:-

We’ll let you know if we get a response.

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A 5 Aug. 2020 update: Our response, sent to Minister Hazzard’s email address on 29 July, 2020, is yet to be even acknowledged.

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