Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery 2

How seriously are we to take professional organisations like this College? They all claim to be about serving the interests of patients as well as their own as this one does. But we have never found this to be so.

For instance, how do you think a patient would have got on if they had written to this College saying, “After treatment by one of your fellows, I had to be taken to hospital by ambulance and had to stay there for 13 days and be operated on 4 times. Can you help?”

We think they would have laughed in the patient’s face.

Why do we think that? Because after the regulatory authorities had found that this is exactly what happened to one patient after being treated by one of their fellows, a Dr Colin Moore, more than 13 months ago, Dr Moore appears to still be one of their fellows, and in fact is on one of their boards.

We’ve written to the college about this – as you know, we are about letting everybody tell their side of the story. Who knows, there might be developments that surprise us all.

Incidentally – here’s a link to an ABC article sent to us today by one of our readers on the skin cancer treatment and cosmetic medicine areas of medicine. Here’s one of it’s paragraphs.

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These are the opening few words to this article:-

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It will give lots of people a good laugh. Those who know anything about these matters will not be be assuming for a second that ANY medical procedures are tightly controlled – at least in New South Wales.

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