Another medical breakthrough

A “nipple-saving” machine.

The Sydney Morning Herald website has on it a 5 Oct 2017 article on what’s called a “nipple-saving” machine, which can be read by using this link, about which it’s said that it helps “doctors perform safer, more complex surgery for women with breast cancer.”

It’s just another example of articles on new developments in medicine that are appearing more and more in the media.

In it, an Associate Professor Sanjay Warrior is quoted extensively, saying amongst other things that “he HOPED the technology would EVENTUALLY be more widely used in hospitals across Australia.”

This lead us to search for and locate an ordinary email address for Dr Warrier, which we used to send him this:-

And we got a prompt and friendly response, saying amongst other things:-

So there you are readers, if you have any questions about this machine, here’s an ordinary email address you can use to ask them –

Our experience is that we’re not always so lucky.

Any feedback on how you get on would be appreciated.

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