“Whatever technology enables happens”

As we’ve mentioned many times, we read some time ago that, “Whatever technology enables happens,” and how much it’s always impressed us, especially as technology has been and is enabling more and more, almost every day. But lately it seems that hardly anything is happening, to the point when we’re beginning to feel that this statement may not be nearly as true as we might have wished.

To us, the scope for us to be getting help and information to enable us to live our lives more successfully, especially in relation to our health and technology, is almost infinite. Yet it’s just not happening as much as we may have expected or hoped.!

In relation to this, websites like WebMD.com had us completely mystified.

So we we used their email form to enquire of them, “Do you have any articles on the symptoms that indicate that I may be getting cancer?” and while we may have been hoping that we’d get a response along the lines of, “Sure! If you ever have any questions like this, just use our ordinary address to ask them,” we consider that what we got back, shown below, was/is the next best thing, which has us quite impressed.

In other words, simply go to our Website, and click on our “Health A-Z,” or use our “Search” facility, which is located in the top right hand corner of our home page?

As we’ve said, we’ve been quite impressed with this response, but so far haven’t had the time to much checking of how good their information is. We’d love to hear from readers as to how they’re getting on if they’ve been doing this.

One thing is for sure, and that is that the availability of help and information on looking after our health is going to get more and more sophisticated.

And another thing that’s for sure is that whenever we need help and/or information on a health care topic, the first thing we will be doing in the future is go to WebMDs “Health A-Z“, at least until we become aware of something better.

(An aspect of this is that keeping copies of their daily emails seems to no longer have any point.)

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