Walt Secord – dealing with 2

Further to this post, we have emailed a further letter to Mr Secord today which includes this:-

Is there any aspect of the NSW health system that you have an interest in or that you care about?

We’re not expecting that there will be any acknowledgement of this letter, just as there haven’t been any acknowledgements, let alone responses, to anything that has been sent to him in the past.

Getting to know what the Walt Secords of this world are like is easy – what’s to be done about it is the hard part.

But perhaps that’s becoming easier too. 30 or 40 years ago someone advised us, “If you want to know what someone is like, get them to write something down.” With emails this has become SO easy.

If people vote for people who have Walt Secord’s track record of writing things down, at least with us, they have only themselves to blame if they don’t perform up to expectations – what they’re like is staring them in the face. Perhaps the people will gradually realise this.

Of course, Mr Secord got into the Parliament without ever being voted for by the people.

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