The Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand – dealing with 1

An email just sent, on 10 Apr. 2020, to the President and the CEO of this organisation, email addresses,, and, with copies to Dr Andrew Brooks, Dr Chris Grant, the GP who referred our reader to Brooks, Jack Wilson, (probably not his real name,) who claims to be the business manger for both Brooks and Grant, who keeps phoning us telling us we should apologise to Brooks and Grant for putting anything about them up on the internet and should take everything down, and Sue Dawson, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commissioner.

If any one is expecting that we’ll get a response, anything that might indicate that the people there have anything other than their own self interests at heart, that they’re committed to being trusted and valued by the community in any way, they must be “new to the game” as the old saying goes!

Of course, we’ll let our readers know if we do hear anything.

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