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What are we to think of a system under which a “general practitioner” doctor, Dr Jassim Daood, who has clearly mainly practiced in the field of rapid detoxification for some years, (during which one of his patients has died, in relation to which the NSW Coroner referred the matter to the NSW Health Complaints Commission resulting in Dr Daood being reprimanded – see the 16 Feb 2015 Media Release from the HCCC and the 5 Feb 2015 proceedings on the matter before the Professional Standards Committee,) then sets up a super duper website on which he makes the claims shown below and thinks he will get away with it and may well get away with it.

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This, when a simple email to the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh/United Kingdom) is responded to with an email saying they’ve never heard of a “Jassim Daood,” a search of the  American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery website fails to locate a “Jassim Daood,” (there is no organisation called the “American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons,” and a website for the “European Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons” can’t be located!

It raises questions such as  (1) how good are the people that are supposed to regulate those providing health care services in NSW, and perhaps, just as importantly, if not more so, (2) what sort of dopes we consumers of health care services often are.

It raises the question of what the HCCC is doing to help the people of NSW to not be deceived by this sort of rubbish. Our guess is nothing!

We’ll see.

We sent this email to the head of the HCCC on 14 Mar 2015 and got this response on 18 Mar 2015.  They appear to be treating the email we sent as a routine complaint by a patient against Dr Daood which we think is bizarre – we sent our email to the HCCC in case they were not aware of what was going on so they COULD DO SOMETHING!

A Fri 17 Apr 2015 update: More than four weeks after we got this email  from the HCCC, the false and misleading advertising on Dr Daood’s website appears to be exactly the same as it was when we first emailed the HCCC on Sat 14 Mar 2015. It would appear that, either Dr Daood hasn’t got anything from the HCCC yet, or has, and has decided to ignore what he’s received and perhaps the HCCC in general. Perhaps, after what he’s been through with them so far, he’s decided they are a toothless tiger. In the meantime, presumably the false and misleading advertising is working for Dr Daood.

Is it really that easy in New South Wales – you just put up lots of false and misleading claims like Dr Daood has done and you’re up and away with a Cosmetic Surgery practice? A lot because none of the authorities are going to do anything effective about it, least of all the HCCC? And because enough of the people like you and me are going to believe them?

We’ll see.

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