The Cosmetic Institute, Parramatta & Bondi Junction 1

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald has in it a most disturbing report on an incident that happened this morning in the Cosmetic Institute at Parramatta.

We have sent an email to Mr David Segal, the managing directer of this institute, (with a copy to it’s supremo, Dr Eddy Dona,) asking:-

“Are you saying that in your institute your anaesthetists have no way of telling whether the anaesthetics they use are going to result in a young woman having a reaction to them – a reaction so severe that she ends up suffering a cardiac arrest and ceasing to breath and paramedics have to be called to use defibrillators and perform CPR on her to hopefully save her life?”

We’ll let you know if we get a response, but in terms of our considerable experience in emailing Mr Segal and Dr Dona, we’ll be astonished if we hear from either of them, they never like being questioned too closely about the things they do and say – yet people keep using them and their organisations???

A 7 Feb 2015 update: No response yet to our email of 30 Jan 2015. We have today sent a  further email to Mr David Segal, the managing directer of this institute, (with a copy to it’s supremo, Dr Eddy Dona.) We are not quite sure why we bothered – in terms of their responsiveness to legitimate questions asked of them, the last people on earth that you would deal with are Mr Segal and Dr Dona and their organisations.

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